On laboratory, Kenson gift ideas Object Rho to help you Shepard

This new Chief will get cautious after since the fresh Reaper artifact is actually resting in the wild. Kenson informs Shepard to wait to the artifact to display Shepard a sight that’ll prove that the intrusion are actual. Shepard is actually beat towards vision, which will show dozens of Reapers rushing into the a size exchange. Suddenly, Kenson brings a gun to the Shepard and you may claims she can’t assist brand new Leader prevent the Reapers; Kenson along with her cluster ended up being indoctrinated by Target Rho. Shepard disarms Kenson, whom escapes and you may locks your regarding the chamber as it’s swarmed which have shields. Shepard battles provided it is possible to, it is eventually overrun and you may disabled.

Shepard awakens two days later on inside a medical lab within the Opportunity Feet, to the treat of overseeing medic. Shepard disables a couple guards, but is locked about area from the medic. Shepard caters to up-and improves through the Enterprise Ft, intending to over «the project» through to the Reapers arrive in less than two hours.

While getting in touch with new Normandy, Harbinger seems thru a hologram projector and you may tells Shepard your slip of your own galaxy’s culture are inescapable

The brand new Frontrunner fights as a result of Kenson’s indoctrinated cover guards to arrive the latest handle cardio and you may makes to activate the fresh Base’s motors. Once are cautioned from the Base’s VI one launching your panels commonly destroy the Bahak system’s 304,942 colonists, Shepard confirms your order. The new engines lovestruck-datingwebsite ignite and the asteroid accelerates into the the latest Leader Exchange. Dr. Kenson interrupts Shepard’s make an effort to availableness telecommunications, harmful in order to excess brand new Base’s combination center to avoid your panels. Dealing with the latest core, Shepard by hand starts air conditioning possibilities to stop Kenson’s crazed plan. Throughout the center chamber, Kenson laments not being able to pay attention to the latest Reapers’ whispers more and you can experience the arriving at new universe. Whenever she introduces a bomb detonator, Shepard attempts to cam her down, but Kenson nonetheless ticks brand new switch and becomes deceased about explosion, which also incapacitates Shepard.

When Shepard recovers, the fresh new asteroid happens to be minutes out of colliding on the Alpha Relaymander Shepard events towards the Endeavor Base’s bus getting pads so you can refrain, it is too-late; the very last of shuttles lifts away from and you can increase aside, abandoning most other Endeavor personnel. Shepard removes him or her and discovers a call uplink close. In advance of disconnecting, Harbinger tells Shepard so you’re able to «plan the latest arrival.» The brand new Normandy can make the strategy and you may Shepard places a running diving to the airlock. Mere seconds up until the asteroid moves, the brand new Normandy escapes this new Bahak system from exchange. While the anticipated, new exchange try destroyed together with explosion obliterates the computer.

At the the area terminal, new Commander takes control of an excellent LOKI Mech exterior, and that Shepard spends so you can kill the scientist and you can crack the fresh new device you to seals off of the room

Sometime later on, Admiral Hackett chatrooms the fresh new Normandy in order to debrief Chief Shepard from inside the-individual. Hackett desires Shepard to explain as to the reasons an easy save yourself purpose finished for the depletion out of good batarian program. Shepard confirms that Dr. Kenson’s proof of new Reaper attack is real, additionally the intrusion was merely days out. The Leader didn’t come with choices however, so you can wreck the fresh Leader Relay, despite how this should doom the latest batarian colonists. Hackett try met of the Shepard’s story, saying he’d render an excellent medal so you can Shepard for it, however, shows that tensions between the Solutions Alliance additionally the Batarian Hegemony have been powering high; the latest batarians might begin a combat more Shepard’s measures. He had been upcoming an asked for boy, gaining new condition of a battle violent, when you find yourself Admiral Hackett accepted the guy saw him because a character he advised Shepard he would ultimately have to give themselves up. Men understood in regards to the Reaper risk, however, not one person got seen the things that Shepard, Hackett and you can Anderson had seen. Before you leave, Hackett warns you to will eventually, Shepard will have to deal with trial more than so it experience on the planet.

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