Stuff analysis: Textual services out-of users regarded as amazing

Hypothesis 1 proposed that perceived profile text originality increases perceptions of profile owners’ intelligence which, in turn, positively affect perceptions of profile owners’ attractiveness and dating intention. Results indicated that perceived text originality was indeed a significant predictor of perceived intelligence: owners of profile texts that scored higher on originality also received higher scores on perceived intelligence, b = 0.56, SE = 0.03, p < .001,>

The second hypothesis stated that perceived profile text originality positively affects attractiveness perceptions and dating intention through higher humor perceptions. As hypothesized, higher scores on perceived profile text originality significantly predicted higher scores on humor perceptions, b = 0.45, SE = 0.02, p < .001,>

Hypothesis 3 posed that perceived profile text originality negatively impacts attractiveness and dating intentions through increased oddness perceptions. In contrast with H3, higher profile text originality scores led to lower scores on perceptions of profile owners’ oddness, b = -0.21, SE = 0.04, p < .001,>

Immediately following dealing with on mediators, perceived text message creativity is no longer a significant predictor of all three elegance size, exhibiting complete mediation (physical: b = -0.04, SE = 0.03, p = .268, CI: -0.10, 0.03, social: b = 0.03, SE = 0.03, p = .385, CI: -0.04, 0.09, romantic: b = 0.03, SE = 0.05, p = .five hundred, CI: -0.07, 0.13). It appears that thought of reputation text creativity only has an effect on this new appeal parameters through the about three mediating parameters. The newest mediators partially mediate the result away from identified reputation text creativity on dating intention, since head perception continues to be extreme just after controlling to your mediators, b = 0.04, SE = 0.01, p = .007, CI: 0.01, 0.07. Therefore, text message originality impacts relationships intentions due to improved attitudes away from cleverness and you will love of life and you can reduced perceptions away from oddness. not, creativity along with privately has an effect on relationship purposes, implying you to additional factors you’ll next describe so it matchmaking Fig step 3.

Results of the four mediation analyses displaying that the effect of perceived profile text originality on (a) physical attractiveness is mediated by perceived intelligence and humor, and that the effect of profile text originality is mediated by perceived intelligence, humor, and oddness for (b) social attractiveness, (c) romantic attractiveness, and (d) dating intention, but for oddness in the opposite direction than hypothesized. The coefficients represent the unstandardized coefficients. Note. ** p < .001,>


The new perception investigation confirmed our theory you to definitely thought of profile text message creativity affects perception creation. Owners of profiles scoring highest on text originality was indeed analyzed due to the fact much more wise and you can entertaining and, in turn, much more attractive, supporting H1 and you will H2. However, in contrast to the criterion, higher text message originality scores negatively influenced thinking regarding reputation owner’s oddness. H3 was not served: Large ratings towards the thought of oddness got a bad impact on appeal, however, people who own way more completely new users just weren’t seen as much more, but since smaller, weird.

This type of data indicated that, full, thinking out of character text message creativity certainly apply to thoughts of your profile owner’s character and you may attractiveness. However, these types of performance do not tell you and this certain attributes of this new profile text message apply at attitudes off originality. For this reason, we now move to a content study to spot and therefore character text features raise thinking out of originality.


In this point, i determine the 2 amounts of your coding procedure that was in fact done in this exploratory study to respond to the analysis concern towards the the latest textual functions you to definitely predict new seen originality regarding matchmaking profile texts. So it section basic account into the qualitative analyses i performed in order to amass a good codebook composed of numerous head categories that have been grabbed from the features, accompanied by a very detail by detail malfunction of articles studies stage in which the 308 profiles was coded towards 15 possess of your own codebook. The whole codebook can be found in the web based Supplementary Product and on OSF.

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