It had been later totally disregarded as a story area

The guy just after stated he might perhaps not touch metal; this fact appeared to was disproven by his later on contact that have silver armour.

The 1st time the guy allowed himself so you’re able to sound despair contributed to a burst from cough, implying one to Ghostbur’s sensitive psychological condition possess inspired your truly

He had been considered effectively immortal, since it is not usually you can to canonically destroy a beneficial ghost. Ghostbur try aware of it, and you can tried it given that an excuse and make somebody care less regarding him when he found myself in rough circumstances. Their loss of memory did not seem to be due to his dying.

Ghostbur managed to getting officially attacked because of the an actual physical firearm, because the facts don’t stage thanks to your, however the action won’t achieve much. It had been debatable in the event that he educated aches away from real injuries.


Ghostbur acted much like Wilbur pre-presidency, probably as a result of their spotty memory. He claimed to have forget about the majority of their existence struggles, trying to find peace once again. Not surprisingly, inside the own terminology, life was pain. He appeared to have a problem with the fresh conclusion of the fact that you will find zero afterlife to possess your, talking apparently in regards to the fraudulence out-of religion.

Despite his calmer condition, he seemed to be really unfortunate underneath his look, looking to not to focus on deep emotional things total. His definitive goal was to make everyone else happy. The guy claimed that he did not pick a place to most low things, eg relationship, and you can asserted that because there are zero real afterlife, there’d getting pointless in being anything but form. Thus, he was much better than he was in person prior to their passing, managing much of their dated life family relations which have a great tentative and you can hopeful the brand new approach. Ghostbur always not want is revived, once the who does mean their demise, but after Doomsday, the guy deducted that folks would prefer they if Wilbur came back, and you may turned into reluctantly into the idea of his next dying.

Ghostbur was very tentative, performing his far better steer clear of ways from large-scale meetings, dodging really serious and you can heavier information, and you can to prevent any states out of their previous. Of course, Tempe escort service if reminded off their history, the guy became most shameful, almost because if he had been sense some sort of emotional distress at the thought out-of remembering. Their thoughts wasn’t completely moved – he made an effort to record stuff he could bear in mind in the publication, The thing i Remember. He detached themselves regarding their life equal entirely, inquiring becoming referred to as Ghostbur, and writing about lifestyle Wilbur as a good age «Alivebur». Despite this, Ghostbur was calculated and also make right up getting Wilbur’s antagonism.

Even though he had been alternatively melancholic, Ghostbur definitely portrayed themselves while the innocent otherwise unaware – it is not clear if it try knowingly, or unconsciously. In a situation from shock otherwise stress, Ghostbur is not able to learn or perhaps be painful and sensitive towards state, most probably due to their mindful repression out of one thing bad. Including, while in the Technoblade’s performance, he fixated into the «Friend», incapable of understand the bad situations which were taking place around him. Because of their pushed purity and you will energetic memory repression, Ghostbur was with ease controlled, never after denying man’s terms as more than what they featured to go on the outside level. This is seen particularly in the newest were not successful beach cluster enjoy, when Dream got benefit of it – the guy didn’t after think one Dream would-be seeking to push him taken care of so you can spoil Tommy.

Ghostbur employed their old attraction having ways and you can pranks, in which he appreciated fooling along with his family for the little indicates – usually by going undetectable and you may punching them, or by the place threatening cues around him or her. The guy including shown a separate affinity to have strengthening, making several formations doing Brand new L’Manberg. The guy later on lamented its exhaustion.

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