Negated descriptions, commonly during the coordination directories, is suffice the new practical aim of concisely to present the fresh unwanted (elizabeth

  • (1) Petarr (37, PlanetRomeo) Klinci ispod 20 ne , sakupljaci slika ne , feminizirani ne , neozbiljni ne . ‘Kids below 20 zero , visualize collectors zero , effeminate no , non-big zero .’
  • (2) Taylr (20, Grindr) Makar weil ne stavljas gole slike, weil nisi feminiziran, niti u gej prici prio gej drustvo ‘About you should not blog post naked photo, do not be effeminate, (n)or in the latest gay world mainly (n)otherwise with just gay family.’

grams. (1)); they often incorporate even more elaborate meanings negotiating the mandatory in addition to compatible, depending doing repudiation of the ‘fem’ or ‘generally gay’ faculties and behaviors (‘staying in the fresh new gay industry primarily’ inside the (2)). grams. Kiesling Source Kiesling, Coupland and Jaworski 2009), in their essentialized gender difference and you can undermining regarding involvement with femaleness. Especially, much like the designs in heterosexual relationships (Kiesling Source Kiesling, Coupland and Jaworski 2009) to have to avoid presumptions as you are able to be gay, brand new negation patterns regarding the profiles mirror approaches for to stop assumptions that you could become fem, ‘too gay’, otherwise ‘gay gay’.

You will find similarity getting noticed, indeed, anywhere between these kinds of repudiated masculinities and also the established accounts from heterosexual maleness framework (age

  1. (3) Gamma (twenty six, GaySerbia) Obicnog izgleda, sportski tip, seksom opsednut, ne gej gej po izgledu 😀 ‘Normal seems, sporting events type of, sex-preoccupied, maybe not gay gay in appearance :D’

After that, a connected development of distancing goes without saying regarding pervasiveness away from the newest bez ‘without/no’ structure, making it possible for to the level, list-for example meanings. Bez is a very common collocate out-of fem(iniziran) particularly, and out of gej.

Discover resemblance is observed, in reality, ranging from these kind of repudiated masculinities while the existing accounts away from heterosexual manliness build (age

  1. (4) Taylr (18, Grindr) Bez matorih, bez feminiziranih, bez napaljenih koji bi susret na animals minuta ‘ No old men, zero effeminate ones, no naughty of these looking for an effective four-time hookup’
  2. (5) MXX (20, PlanetRomeo) molim vas bez :
  3. – gej/strejt fejsbuka we tih fora
  4. – “strejt”batica za drkanje we ortacki dental posto tu jelte nije nista gej, jer je ortacki
  5. – isfeminizaranih karleusasekacecaitd tetkica,nemam nista protiv klicka för att läsa ali just no
  6. – nekulturnih, nepismenih (ne volis i newolis nije i nikada nece biti isto)

And the target keywords, we come across that extent off bez encompasses a variety of principles, often including ironic stylizations out of ‘undesired others’, or simply just to present lists away from undesirables which can encompass many techniques from gender presentation in order to ‘spoken hygienist’ comments (Cameron Resource Cameron 2012; cf. Bogetic Source Bogetic 2016) from the offer writers’ crappy grames from about three Serbian feminine pop music-anyone singers, Jelena Karleusa, Seka Aleksic, and you may Ceca, generally on the terrible social preference. Frequent in your town salient references in order to urban/outlying, modern/antique, ‘cultured’ and you will ‘uncultured’ indeed gamble a certain part in the local structure regarding respected masculinities, while the subsequent chatted about in the point into lexical collocation.

Centrally, however, the fresh collocation trend away from bez with feminiziran and you may gej shows distancing regarding nonmasculine gay identities and you can away from and also make sexuality an essential aspect of one’s lives

The latest linguistic strategy have a certain perception compared to the other designs away from negation, that could explain their prominence in the investigation: it functions through an excellent categorical build, worrying one to little subsequent breakdown becomes necessary, your concept of the new bez area was culturally know. The newest connotation of these power-infused, common-sense negation plus allows this new translation of a few short messages that only use the bez + noun words structure (elizabeth.g. Bez pederske price, tacka ‘Zero fag story, period’ or Bez feminiziranih ‘Zero effeminates’), evocative regarding authoritative, undeniable cues eg ‘No talking’ and you can ‘Zero littering’.

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